Stories for curious kids and their read-aloud parents
Every book is an adventure in a special package. Available in English and Dutch.

Warning: one story is never enough!
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Bravo is a dog that has a very disciplined boss. Bravo does not like discipline. He wants adventure! And he finds it too, in the city zoo.
Comes in a box with coloring posters, mini-ruler, gel pens and stickers. For kids ages 6-8 years old.
A cat called Turquoise lives in a big house. When strange things start to happen in the house, he quickly needs to come up with a plan to save himself. Will he succeed?
Contains 22 transparent pages, so you can see the drawings on both sides. Handy feature when reading the story aloud. For kids ages 6-8 years old.
Oh no! An empty cookie jar. Mom is not happy, not by far
Who is to Blame? Mommy wants a name!
A yummy story that rhymes. Comes in a cookie bag with recipe and chocolate chips to bake delicious chocolate chip cookies together. For kids ages 3-5 years old.
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